Asbestos Removal Operative

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Asbestos Removal Operative

Our UKATA registered, verified and audited category ‘C’ Licensable Asbestos Removal Operative course is available both as a new 3 day course or the one day annual  operative refresher.


Whether you are taking the new asbestos removal operative 3 day course because you are starting a new career in licensed asbestos removal or undertaking the annual refresher course, the syllabus as detailed in chapter 4 covers all the required modules and training needs analysis to prepare you for work in the licensed asbestos removal industry


The syllabus, based on the requirements of HSG 247 Asbestos; the licensed contractors’ guide, covers the 18 theory and 4 practical modules for licensed asbestos removal, and engages the candidates in all aspects of the industry, preparing them for what to expect out in the field.


The course covers a wide spectrum and details what to expect in the workplace and reaffirms the importance of maintaining exemplary standards of work given that asbestos is a known carcinogen


The course is both theory and practical based.